Atomic Jellyfish Furniture Design is a relatively new design and build company located in Denver, CO. Atomic Jellyfish can provide originals designs and creative solutions for both the residential and commercial customer. Designs can originate from customer sketches, or left to the designer for something completely original. Creative solutions can sometimes take the form of taking an old piece of furniture and reworking it to give it a new purpose. With a versatile background in design, Atomic Jellyfish Design can provide the customer with the focal point for any room or space.

With over twenty-five years of design in various disciplines, Terry Tomsha formed Atomic Jellyfish Design to focus on his passion for furniture and design. The skills for building came from the vocational training he received in high school. His Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and MBA have helped him push the envelope by exposing him to greater life experiences which allow him greater access to “thinking outside the box” when it comes to design. Constantly asking the question, “What hasn’t the world seen?” and “How can I make this challenging to me?” By seeking solutions outside his comfort zone and actively seeking collaborators, the design aspect becomes more exciting as Terry can stick to his core strengths and the result is significantly more than the sum of its parts.

When it comes to being a creative in Colorado, it sometimes hard to get my head around the sheer amount of options available when it comes to local support. Maintaining awareness is necessary as established resources are renewing themselves, but there are also new resources coming on-line on an almost consistent basis.